Samsung Smart Doorlock

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Just One Step to Open

Innovative PUSH-PULL handle design makes it more convenient to use than ever before.

Automatic Locking

Just close the door when you go out. It automatically locks the door itself so that you do not need to re-check.

Auto Polling

RF card or key tag is instantly authenticated for access without the need to press the wake-up button.

Dual Sided Latch

Completely reversible for right or left-hand gate openings, depending on homeowners preference. Can match most household doors.

Enhanced Safety


Press those two digits, a smart way to prevent would-be thieves from scanning your smudgy fingerprints to figure out which digits will open the door.

Anti Theft Mode

Once you set up this mode, the alarm sounds when the theft tried to exit the door.

Double Autentication

This enhanced security feature required to enter the password and the fingerprint/card for unlocking the door.

Fire Warning

This mode is activated when it detects the abnormally high temperature inside your house. By the sound of an alarm, it helps you recognize the risk of fire and unlock itself to help you evacuate the house.

Other Useful Functions

Volume Adjustment

Adjust the volume of your digital door lock to your own personal liking; be it to avoid disturbing others at night, or to be aware of every single entry.

9V Battery Backup

No battery, no problem. Simply use a 9V battery to power the lock from the outside and enter as per usual.

Low Battery Alert

The low battery indicator provides you ample time and convenience to change the batteries, ensuring that your lock never dies on you.

Interface With Samsung Connect

The Lock has an interface with Samsung Connect Video door phone or home automation to unlock the door.

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